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2015 New Year’s Resolutions: Italy Edition

Learn Italian You don’t need to know Italian to travel in Italy, but since New Year’s resolutions are all about bettering ourselves and our lives, why not better your travel to Italy with a few words of the local language? Make your trip to Italy in 2015 the trip that you finally go equipped with… Read more »

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On Travel and Food

Some travel to eat. They associate each country with the dish that represents it, creating gastronomic tours to find the best of their favorite food or easily adding entire meal categories between the classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner while traveling. They munch their way through a country, learning the culture one plate at a time…. Read more »

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Lessons in an Italian Cooking Class, Part II

I learned a lot about from my first-ever cooking class “Bread and Pasta,” like how to knead dough, how much salt to add and that I’m definitely better at eating than cooking. So to keep with the carbohydrates theme Marco and I chose pizza and focaccia for our second class, because we know what’s truly important. (carbs) It’s the same… Read more »

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Lessons in an Italian Cooking Class

“You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.” Three years ago when I had just gotten to Italy and Marco and I had just met, he told me this as if it was the eleventh commandment. For me it was something new – I had considered weather influencing bread about as much as I had ever… Read more »