Search for “most romantic places in Italy” and the lists seem endless. There are the perennial favorites: Rome, Venice, Verona, Tuscany bla. bla. bla. Sometimes a smaller, lesser known location will stick out with a beautiful photo and intriguing location. From tip to toe Italy is full of incredibly romantic cities, towns and villages.

All of Italy is romantic, because all of Italy is beautiful.


Beauty brings souls together. When you’re in front of such magnificence, it’s only natural to want to share it with someone you love. In a country full of small pleasures and grand beauty, romance abounds.

Italy’s beauty isn’t just its magnificent monuments. The Colosseum, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Milan Duomo. It isn’t just its sweeping natural beauty, from the Carribbean-like sea in Sardinia to the rose-tipped Dolomites, from the Amalfi Coast cliffs and hairpin turns to the languid hills in Central Italy. It isn’t just in its immense history. Pompeii and the Etruscans and all of Magna Grecia.


Beyond these sweeping displays of pureness, magnificence, awe, Italy’s beauty is perhaps most appreciated in the details. In the flowers pushing through the cobblestones. In the curling details made in cast-iron fences. In the brightly painted houses, the greenery added to a looking balcony, the precisely piled mounds of sweets and rolls and pastries filling the pasticcerie. Italy’s beauty is found in its love for itself, in its decay and its development.


The true romance of Italy is in the pure, childlike appreciation the country has for beauty.


There are no puritan values holding the Italians back from the overwhelming pleasure they get from all things beautiful. A well-dressed woman, a well-made cappuccino, the golden jewels of a nonna, the sharp cut in a dress pant, the faded frescoes and sparkling spritz’s. From each monument, each story, each dish, each exhibition, the Italians adore the beauty around them.

And tell me, lovers, what’s more romantic than that?

Written by ginamussio

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