People love Italian food. I love Italian food! The thing is, talk with any Italian and you’ll start to learn that the cuisine is a bit more intricate than just “mmmm. pizza!” or “gelato at all hours of the day!”


See, there are two different kinds of pizza classes, the Roman and Napolitano, and it matters. Gelato flavors go together in pairs, don’t mix weird flavors. And different pasta sauce requires different types and shapes of pasta. Local and seasonal isn’t a fad here or a new-age way of life, it just simply is. You’ll be hard pressed to find pumpkin in the summer or berries when it isn’t berry season.

Maybe the best example is one I’ve surely shared before. When I asked Marco what his favorite kind of cheese was he responded without hesitation, “Parmegiano Reggiano, aged 36 months.”

Seriously Italian’s take their food seriously.

It’s not just an overall Mediterranean diet, no, instead each region, city and town has its own specialities, specialities that grew over the years based on who ruled whom, who immigrated where and the geography of the location. It’s not so much Italian food as it is food from Italian regions.

I recently wrote a post diving deeper into some of my favorite Italian food, Tuscan food, that you can see here so I was more than happy when I had the chance to research each region’s cuisine more in-depth for Walks of Italy.

Tuscan antipasto – mouthwatering

Tuscan antipasto – mouthwatering

Explore Italy region by region to truly get to know the location, and perhaps most importantly, the food in “There’s no such thing as Italian Food (and What to Eat Instead.)”

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